About Us

Lavaggi Grazia, (LA-VAH-GEE GRAWTZ-EE-AH) means " Washes Grace." We offer high quality handmade soap. Spoil yourself and give your skin a treat! Here you will find affordable handmade artisan body products that will take excellent care of your skin with natural ingredients. We add no parabens, phthalates, or petroleum products to our soaps. 
Each soap is personally hand packaged. We use cosmetic skin-safe Essential Oils and Fragrance Oils that do not have phthalates.

Treat yourself or someone you love with a handmade gift that is all natural.


I am a happy wife and mother of 4 in California. I have been the crafty type and have always made my own products. I absolutely love making and using natural handmade products. I started soap making as a sideline to being an at home mom who homeschooled all her children and needed extra income. I am now able to devote more time since my children have either married or are now in college.

I put all of my knowledge and love into my products and I hope it shows in my work. I am fully embracing my creative endeavors to fill my life with every aspect of it. I really enjoy creating products that are not only beautiful to look at but healthy for your body. I have been making and selling cosmetic mineral products to family and friends and am now working to create an online presence. It is very important to me that my products are as natural as possible. My soaps are all hand blended the old fashioned way, hot processed (unless otherwise noted), cured, and cut in small batches. Each one is designed and scented with the finest essential oils as well as fragrances that do not have phthalates. I use the very best oils, butters, and milks to give you a smooth, creamy lather with tons of bubbles and ultimate moisturization. 

Who makes our products:
Our products are made by me (Kimmie- the creator) and my loving husband and children - (the testers.)