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Perhaps you’re thinking, what are candle melts? Our Lavaggi Grazia wax fragrance melts are the perfect candle alternative for those who, for whatever reason, don’t want an open flame in their home. These scented wax cubes are used in electric wax melt burners to help make any space smell better in minutes. Each Lavaggi Grazia high-quality wax melt is highly scented and fills the rooms in your home with delightful heart-warming, invigorating and unique scents. These simple, easy-to-use scented wax cubes allow you to add a delightful aroma of wax candle scents to any room of your home — without ever having to light a candle.

Like our popular Lavaggi Grazia Candles, our candle wax melts are made to meet our high standards of quality. Our candle-scented wax cubes contain absolutely no harmful substances or banned chemicals. In addition, our fragrances are approved by the IFRA to be safe for your home. We proudly make these wax cubes in the U.S. with the highest quality ingredients, which are made to deliver a strong, long-lasting aroma that’s just right for your space. Our commitment to deliver luscious scents and top-quality yet safe products allows you to sit back, relax and breathe in an alluring aroma — without worrying about your family’s health

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